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Meet the team!


Kylie Duncan 
Registered Member:  NZAMD (distinction), TDI, BTDA, majors in BBO & BAL
Level 1 & 2 Tumbling (USASF)

Kylie started dancing at a young age and hasn’t stopped.  She has always had a strong passion and dedication to dance, which easily led into the teaching role. 


Kylie has successfully passed her Classical Ballet major exams in BBO, BAL & TDI as well as her Jazz and Tap majors at a distinction level as well as obtaining her NZAMD Solo diploma. 


Kylie’s teaching career began in 2004 when she had the opportunity to open citydance, which later evolved to Zone Dance Academy. 
As well as running Zone Dance Academy Kylie is a proud mum to 4 young children and is lucky to have a supportive husband at home and at the studio.

Kylie is extremely proud of the work that we do at Zone Dance Academy and constantly takes on new challenges as keeping up to date with the latest trends in dancing is a priority for our school.

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